krichardson: Zoo Art (Zoo Art)
2009-05-22 11:12 am

22 May 2009 Update

 Hello, I have been very busy with my LJ, school, and work I haven't had time to update and fluff this journal out. :) I will endeavour to do that within this next week. I have been doing a spring cleaning on my LJ and well, that takes precedent at the moment. Since I am not able to upload images from my computer files I can not promise a post everyday. But I can embed meda so whenever I have media I'm using on my LJ, I will be sure to add here. Before I do that, I believe there is a way to mirror this journal here to the one on LJ and if that is so... well I will do that instead. Give me a week and then I should be done with my LJ and ready to focus more time on this journal. 

Have a great day.